Tulip Shawl/Blanket Chart

New pattern.



tulip key

tulip chart small

This pattern is free, but if you’d like you can add to my tip jar (zusana at gmail dot com) via PayPal.

You are welcome to distribute this pattern and use the ideas included and gift or sell whatever you make from it. But if you distribute it, please do so as a whole, with attribution and this info included. Thanks!

Creative Commons License
This work by Suzanne Lander is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


One thought on “Tulip Shawl/Blanket Chart

  1. Joan Posener says:

    So lovely! And great timing too, at least for me, because I’m in a KAL called ‘Summer Squares’ set up by Andrea (BadCat on Ravelry) and she is showing how to change things about as to edgings and placement of squares.. etc.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jodi (Darcydawgsmom on Ravelry)
    .. so far I haven’t posted any pics of my work but I really have to get organized.

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