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Still figuring things out

I’m sure I didn’t really give things enough time, but I’m messing with them, anyway. I’ve decided to go halvsies. I am still going to try to put patterns on my blog and they’ll all have the Creative Commons License. But I’m going to attempt .99 for pdf downloads. Granted this will net me about .49 after PayPal’s cut. But whatever. I miss having *something* in my account to buy other patterns with.

Open Source

I’m a big fan of open source for lots of reasons. And of the copyleft movement. Up to this point I have sold some patterns and offered some for free. Mostly the free ones were patterns I didn’t feel too confident about or that were unfinished or just so simple I didn’t feel like I could justify putting a price on them. The ones I did charge for were either bigger in scope, more complicated, or something I had worked up out of my own imagination to some degree.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to charge and when to charge and whether it’s better not to in order to increase the flow of information. Or if not charging or charging too little is a sin against the work we put into what we do. Honestly, I don’t have a clue. I enjoy making money off my patterns. I often use the money to buy patterns from other people. I like that people are interested enough to pay even if it’s just a little bit. How much of a trip was it to be able to buy a pattern from a well known designer with money I made selling mine?! I get *way* more downloads of my free patterns, though. Heck, way more of the patterns I download are free, so….

I think what I’m going to do in the near future is switch to a free/donation supported way of doing things. I’m not sure how that’ll go. I’m going to need to look into it. Then I’ll have to redo some of my patterns. Which I guess won’t be as nice for the people who’ve bought them already… maybe they’ll consider it a pre-donation. I am thankful to them for helping support my “yarning” (as my 4 year old calls it) habit. And thankful to anyone else who decides to chip in in the future.

Here we go.

Ok. I had this ambitious idea that I’d find a way to move my knitting blog whole… yeah.

Instead, I’m continuing it here like a sane person would do! I mean, I don’t think I’m getting rid of my other Blogger blogs so I’ll still have the account and it’ll all still be there and all that.

So. If for some reason you’re interested in reading old knitting posts, they’re at the old version of this blog.

The reason I’m moving my knitting blog is for patterns. I don’t have many, but I’ve got a couple and I figure I might as well post them. But unless I turn them into pictures, it’s kind of wonky to post them on Blogger. I plan to attempt it here.

Doll Dress

This pattern is free, but if you’d like you can add to my tip jar ( via PayPal.

You are welcome to distribute this patterns and use the ideas included and gift or sell whatever you make from it. But if you distribute it, please do so as a whole, with attribution and this info included. Thanks!

Creative Commons License
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